Do you want to make your own ‘one of a kind’ yarn for knitting, crocheting or weaving with?


By spinning fibre, either fleece or processed fibre, you can take it all to another level by dyeing it then spinning it up to make a yarn or even art yarn to work with.


Spinning fibre can be achieved in a number of ways by using:

  • Drop spindles
  • Spinning sticks
  • Spinning wheels


You are welcome to join us at our Guild to see what we do and to try these various methods out.

We also loan out (to Guild Members), books and equipment so you can develop your skills, techniques, prior to making any commitment to purchasing more expensive items like a spinning wheel, carders, drum carders etc.


Some members regularly bring delicious hand dyed fibres which you can purchase.  You could buy a fleece, find out how to prepared and wash it before dyeing, or buy some fibre tops and dye that yourself too.

If you want to work with fleece you will get advice and guidance on carding the fibre, you will also get the same advice and guidance on blending fibre types, and or fibre colours to create something individual.