The challenge is being carried over from 2021 due to having most of our meetings via zoom. For this Challenge, members will use their core skills – spinning, weaving, dyeing – to create a textile for our Gathering Exhibition in November. This year we ask members to work to the theme of “Waste Not, Want Not”.

As Scotland is hosting this year’s Global Climate Change summit in Glasgow in 2021, we thought it fitting that we explore how our skills can be used to limit consumption and needless negative impacts on our environment. We invite members to reinvigorate existing materials and give them a renewed purpose or aesthetic.

Some very simple examples, there are so many! The March/April issue of Selvedge magazine is themed around the environmental impact of the textile industry and celebrates the art of repair, so could be a good source of inspiration.

Members are encouraged to consider upcycling, recycling, reusing or refashioning existing textiles or household objects by applying techniques such as dyeing, spinning and weaving.

Rita Corbett – Challenge Co-ordinator