This year’s theme for our annual Challenge is “Into the wild”.

…which was suggested by members. However, it may leave some a bit bemused. How can it inspire a spinning, weaving or dyeing project? Why couldn’t we come up with something sensible like we did in the past e.g. the rainbow, the arts and crafts movement, the colour Orange, the sea etc?

I want you to close your eyes and imagine. What does into the wild mean to you?
Is it a place, a colour, a weather event, music, an animal, an idea, an experience, a technique etc?  I have lifted some photographs from the website “Unsplash”* to get your creative juices unleashed (see below).


Your finished work for the exhibition will need to include an element of spinning, weaving and/or dyeing, but then you can use whatever textile techniques you wish to complete your exhibit.

We have talented craftspeople who are also excellent teachers in our membership, so if you need any help with executing your idea let us know. We will do all we can to assist you.

If you have photos which show what “into the wild” means to you, please send them to me for inclusion on our website: they may inspire others…

Rita Corbett – Challenge Co-Ordinator  

* Photos as follows, Zebra by Taylor Sondgeroth, Sunflower by Aaron Burden, Green leaved plants by Joey Kyber, Brown cliff by Kevin Lanceplaine, Blue Kingfisher By Vincent van Zalinge, Beach by Shifaaz shamoon