10th March 2014

SWD Mar 18 (2)We had a wonderful talk from Erika, with samples of ikat from Indonesia, West Africa, India and Japan. In the afternoon, a smaller group of us had a demonstration of wrapping techniques. The incredible complexity and skill required to make these fabrics became more and more apparent and some of us left inspired, others mind-blown!

10th February 2018

SWD Feb 18 (1)Valerie Riley gave a fascinating talk about the history of the Paisley shawl, the motif’s origins in Babylon and the weaving tradition in Kashmir. We were told of the methods that the Paisley weavers used to weave the shawls and how they adapted the process to make more affordable items.

Several members brought their own shawls in and they were identified as being from the 1830s and 1860s.