Janet is running a Fairisle knitting workshop at our May meeting. The workshop starts at 10am (general meeting begins at 11.30). If you have signed up for the workshop there are a few things you will need to bring with you…

3 contrasting colours of yarn in either double knitting or Aran weight (one or the other, not a mixture).  The contrast needs to be distinct – treat this as a learning exercise rather than trying to get three subtle tones. The yarns should be a little bit grippy/fuzzy like Shetland yarn rather than smooth like Merino. Each one should be a single colour rather than self striping or multi-coloured yarn.

geometric colourwork knitting with the chart pattern in the background

for DK yarn – 3.5-4mm needles
for Aran weight – 4.5-5mm needles 
Try and bring both sizes to see which works best for you

notebook, pen and pencil

Happy Crafting!

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